Bravo Sustainability Dialogue aim to highlight and reward the best practices implemented in Greece and contribute to the promotion of Sustainable Development, Social Cohesion, the advancement of responsible behavior standards and the improvement of the quality of life within the Greek society.


The submitted practices will be evaluated through a systematic dialogue with more than 250 stakeholders and according to criteria based on internationally recognized standards. Through a scientific evaluation by academics from Greek and foreign Universities, through dialogue groups with specialized public, through a dialogue with an extended stakeholders’ network that shape the market trends, as well as the participation of a broader public in the dialogue/evaluation process, a stakeholder engagement is achieved regarding the practices of the leading organizations on the Sustainable Development issues in Greece.  

Bravo Sustainability Awards not only aim to the awarding and the winners’ nomination but, also, to the development of a systematic dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders on the Sustainable Development, Responsible Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility issues, targeting at the broadening of understanding and the promoting of innovative methodologies in the Greek market and the wider Greek society. 


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             Features of the Awards: