Bravo Sustainability Awards

1. Bravo Governance
Practices and initiatives that are related to the governance system of an Organization. Practices for Corruption alleviation, promotion of Transparency and Accountability. Development of Principles and Operation Framework that respond to aspects of Sustainable Development, risk and chances analysis and qualitative/quantitative objectives with regards to the main activities of the Organizations, systematic practices of the Organization for Stakeholder Dialogue development engaging the total of its stakeholders and shareholders, rules and processes for implementation of Sustainable Development strategy in connection with the material issues of the Organization.   
2. Bravo Market
Initiatives and actions that are developed to promote responsible marketing, responsible consumption and production of green or responsible products. Development of cause – related programs and social marketing, public interventions and practices that promote Responsible Procurement and Responsible Supply Chain as well as wider awareness raising, updating and citizen’s/consumer’s services. 
3. Bravo Environment
Systematic actions and initiatives that are connected to the environmental management of the Organizations. Compliance with environmental standards and terms, climate change mitigation, sustainable methods for environmental management and practices reducing carbon footprint. Best practices regarding the use of natural resources, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, management of solid and liquid waste, protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, sustainable transports and mobility, sustainable urban construction and town planning, awareness raising on Environment. 
4. Bravo Society
Practices that are developed in view of improving social cohesion and alleviating important social problems. Practices that aim at improving quality of life, promoting equal opportunities and controlling discrimination, developing Health & Safety programs, enhancing employability and inclusion of middle-aged unemployed into the labor market, increasing special qualifications of the work force and supporting Life-Work balance. Initiatives aiming at reducing unemployment, supporting vulnerable social groups, promoting health, tackling poverty and social exclusion. Practices that contribute in developing local societies (touristic & cultural development, contractual agriculture etc) and actions meant for immigrants and refugees. 
5. Bravo in Action
Initiatives and actions that are developed through cooperation of different Bodies based on partnerships between private and public sector. Special focus is given to actions developed among Companies/Business Institutions, Local Administration and Civil Society/NGOs that cover national/local needs and improve the quality of life in our country. 

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