The Board of QualityNet Foundation supervises the Awards processes so as to ensure that the criteria, the methodology and the work of all the members of the Organization and the various Committees and the evaluation groups correspond to the basic philosophy of the Initiative. The Bravo Initiative since its launch promotes the active engagement of a large number of stakeholders from different groups in the evaluation procedure with the view to raise awareness regarding issues of Sustainable Development and Responsible Entrepreneurship. 
Establishment & Role

The Scientific Committee that deals with business practices consists of two sub-groups:
  • One core group
  • The extended Scientific Committee
The core group has the goal to develop a first draft with the general methodology of the Initiative, the Awards Categories, the Criteria and the Evaluation process of the submitted practices. The final draft sent for a wider consultation to the extended group of the Scientific Committee so as to contribute with their remarks to the methodology and the structure of the Awards taking into account the general philosophy of the Initiative. 
The Scientific Committee is comprised of respectable experts and representatives of companies, business associations and institutions with expertise and experience in the creation of tools for the development and adaptation of Social Responsibility policies, strategies and programs. 

The Scientific Committee is comprised of the following members:
1.Rena Koumantou, President of the Scientific Committee (member of core group)
2.Myrto Kontaxi, Communication Manager, Group Sustainable Development, S&B Group (member of core group)
3.Dionysia (Sissy) Eliopoulou, Εxpert in Strategic Communications & Sustainable Development (member of core group)
4.Alexandros Costopoulos, Programs Supervisor, CSR Hellas.
5.Markos Loukogiannakis, Director General, Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV)
6.Georgia Mourla, Director of Strategic Planning, Communication and Investors relations, Hellenic Exchanges Group
7.Vaso Papadimitriou, Director General, Federation of Food Industries (SEVT)
8.Eleni Foti, Director of International Commercial Relations, Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EBEA)
9.Panagiotis Habesis, Executive, Hellenic Bank Association (ΕΕΤ)
The Scientific Committee nominates candidates for the recruiting of the Academic Committee as well as the stakeholders groups and QualityNet Foundation has the responsibility for short listing the final evaluation committee.

A special scientific committee set up with the view to adapt the criteria for the evaluation of practices which will be submitted for the Awards by the local authorities and the NGO’s. This Scientific Committee is also comprised of respectable representatives of various institutions and the academic community with expertise and experience with regards to the operational framework of civil society organizations, local authorities, the public administration and the creation of tools for the development and adaptation of Social Responsibility policies, strategies and programs. In the special scientific committee participated, as well:
10.Elsa Stathopoulou, Marketing & Fundraising Director, SOS Children’s Villages 
11.Eleni Myrivili, Executive Director, Municipality of Athens 
in order to adapt the evaluation criteria for the NGOs and the municipalities that participate in this year's event.