Who can participate
Businesses/Business Associations, Local Authorities and NGO’s can participate in the Bravo Sustainability Dialogue

Participation benefits
Bravo Sustainability Dialogue participant Organizations are able to: 
  • Highlight their practices on Sustainable Development, Responsible Entrepreneurship & Social Cohesion. 
  • Promote innovation patterns.
  • Enhance their credibility and profile as a responsible Organization. 
  • Be connected with a Network of Leading Organizations on Sustainable Development issues in our country.
  • Increase their network and interact with other organizations that activate in Sustainable Development issues, in order to create partnerships for further good practices development on sustainability. 

How to participate
  • Nominations will be submitted electronically at the following online platform until 15 July 2016: 
  • Every company/association/organization/local authority is able to submit practice in each one of the five Awards categories.
  • The participation of companies will be realized via four (4) groups according to their size as defined by:
          (a) the number of employees until 31/12/2015 and 
          (b) the business turnover (whichever is the smaller).
  • With regards to a Group of companies, the business turnover in Greece will be taken into account deriving from either the Mother Company or branches which are based and are active in Greece.

The division of companies in four categories will be calculated according to the table below:
SMALL 0-50 Until 5 million Euros
SMALL & MEDIUM 51-150 Until 15 million Euros
MEDIUM 151-250 Until 50 million Euros
LARGE More than 251 More than 50 million Euros
Therefore, for participating in the Bravo Sustainability Dialogue, a company must make a reference in its application to the exact number of its permanent employees on 31/12/2015 as well as its turnover of the company or the Group of companies that are located and are active in Greece in 2015.

Participation Costs
For Companies: there is an admin fee of 300€ + VAT for the submission of each corporate practice. 
For local authorities: FREE PARTICIPATION

For more Information
Call to: 0030-210-6898594 or send e-mail to: