How to participate

If you are an Organisation that develops Initiatives promoting Sustainable Development, Corporate & Social Responsibility, you’ve got your spot at the BRAVO 2018 Initiative!

BRAVO 2018 involves initiatives that have been implemented in the Greek territory, within the  last three (3) years by BUSINESSES - LOCAL AUTHORITIES - CIVIL SOCIETY.


Locate the Thematic pillars in which you develop Initiatives/ Programs by reading through the document here.

Register the Initiatives you develop in the SUSTAINABILITY OBSERVATORY and include them in the worldwide effort for change!

Select the Initiatives that you want to submit in the annual BRAVO social dialogue, along with numerous social partners and active citizens (the offline participation form is available here) and receive a report containing their documented opinions pertaining to your activities.

Once you have filled out one form for each of your initiatives, you can then make your final submission (electronically) to the SUSTAINABILITY OBSERVATORY. Click on "Sign up" to register. Provide all the information pertaining to your Organisation and electronically submit all your initiatives.

Read the BRAVO Initiative’s Methodology, and click on the BRAVO option in order to participate in the social dialogue process and become eligible for the BRAVO SUSTAINABILITY AWARDS!


Present your Initiatives by completing the required fields (in Greek and English). We recommend you take into account the criteria and methodology used to evaluate applications.
Maximum number of words per initiative: 1000 words 
Minimum number of words per initiative: 700 words 

For further boositng of your initiatives on the online platform, we recommend you send additional material to:   
  1. The main photo of the initiative(dimensions 770x318, JPEG format, high resolution).
  2. Additional photographic material and video (in YouTube link format).
  3. Brief description of the Organisation’profile (maximum 35 words, in Greek and English).
  4. Organisation’s Logo (JPEG format, high resolution).
  5. Contact Email

Participation fee applies for Cosportae Organisations: 300 € per practice. Local Authorities and Civil Society Organisations may participate FOR FREE.