Initiatives and actions that are developed to promote responsible marketing, responsible consumption and production of green or responsible products. Development of cause – related programs and social marketing, public interventions and practices that promote Responsible Procurement and Responsible Supply Chain as well as wider awareness raising, updating and citizen’s/consumer’s services.

1. Promotion of Innovation 

Development of products, services and practices (in line with prudent use of raw materials, energy saving and responsible use of products/goods, sustainable management of value chains etc.) that cover new needs of the market and the society and that are governed by Sustainable Development, Corporate Responsibility and Social Responsibility leading to modern, innovative and effective results.

2. Responsible Procurement 

The organization discloses the measures taken for proper management of the supply chain in order to secure its suppliers respect human rights by deterring every form of exploitation. The Organization monitors at regular intervals the network of cooperating suppliers.

3. Management of consumers/customers issues 

Ways to manage issues ensuing from Organization’s interaction with the consumers, citizens or customers. Issues relating to the protection of stakeholders from risks or menaces, the establishment of relationships based on trust and on needs satisfaction under the light of Sustainable Development.

4. Responsible products/services 

Assurance of health and safety of the audience the Organization is interacting with at all stages of development of its services (for example, from the stage of production to the final use of products, provision of services using procedures-practices of assessment and improvement, information on responsible use of products, provision of instructions before the use of products/services, etc.)  

5. Development of green products & services 

Products and services that during their development phase as well as during their use have a limited impact on the environment while they open up new markets and new customers.

6. Responsible Consumption 

Shaping of responsible behavior that ensures future generations’ sustainability protecting reserve of natural resources through information, awareness raising and motivating the consumer/citizen into opting for products with responsible and environmentally friendly labeling.

7. Cause – related programs & social marketing 

Programs that have been developed to connect the sale of a product or service with a social cause.

8. Promotion of Responsible Business 

Practices and Actions that promote and enhance local tourism, commerce and development in connection with the three aspects of Sustainable Development (Economy-Environment-Society). Development of Code of Ethics. Educational programs carried out by local Companies/Organizations on Sustainable Development, Business and Social Responsibility. Certification and environmental labeling of local products. Initiatives that enhance ecological and local products trade.

9. Citizens’ support 

Services for facilitating citizens’ support that ensue from the interaction of the latter with the Body. Actions that contribute to establishing trust between local authorities and citizens. Innovative and upgraded services towards the citizens.

10. Management and mobilization of volunteers

Practices aiming at making good use of/managing the volunteers of an Organization with the purpose of mobilizing them into responsible action and successful completion of initiatives, actions and programs of the Organization.

BRAVO 2018