Practices that are developed in view of improving social cohesion and alleviating important social problems. Practices that aim at improving quality of life, promoting equal opportunities and controlling discrimination, developing Health & Safety programs, enhancing employability and inclusion of middle-aged unemployed into the labor market, increasing special qualifications of the work force and supporting Life-Work balance. Initiatives aiming at reducing unemployment, supporting vulnerable social groups, promoting health, tackling poverty and social exclusion. Practices that contribute in developing local societies (touristic & cultural development, contractual agriculture etc) and actions meant for immigrants and refugees.

1. Improvement of quality of life 

Development of actions and programs with the purpose of promoting quality of life of the citizens/customers (social tourism programs, cultural and sport actions, measures for smooth road traffic and systems of controlled parking spaces, actions to relieve vulnerable social groups, actions for digital upgrading and developing broadband etc.).

2. Support of entrepreneurship through social economy   

Establishment of social companies that are closely linked to local societies and engage multi-stakeholders in view of contributing in the local economy.

3. Education-New Generation-Lifelong learning 

Programs and actions of the Organization that aim at educating and training the citizens and the new generation (for example training/educational programs, educational programs for reintegrating unemployed into the work market, New Generation exchange programs, actions for awareness-raising of the youth and promoting employability etc.).

4. Support of Local Societies 

The Organization discloses how it contributes to the Sustainable Development of local societies through its main fields of activity and how it is willing to enhance them in the future.

5. Reintegration of middle-aged unemployed into labour market & enhancement of employability 

Programs that support long-term middle-aged unemployed and promote employability.

6. Health & Safety programs 

Securing safe work environment and preventing risks in favor of the employees of the Organization and their families (for example implementation of informative preventive measures and awareness-raising programs for the employees, educational and awareness-raising actions for the local society, implementation of preventive health checks for the employees and their families etc.).

7. Equal opportunities & discrimination control 

Development of practices inside the Organization that prevent unequal treatment of the employees (for example inclusion of vulnerable social groups into the workforce, system for the assessment of their performance and their training). The Organization discloses the way it has implemented national and international procedures with regards to the equal opportunities and diversity, health and safety at the work environment, inclusion of immigrants and persons with disabilities in the workforce and fair remuneration.

8. Work-Life balance 

Policies and programs that upgrade the quality of life of the employees and promote a better work-family life balance.

9. Voluntary Services Actions 

Awareness-raising and voluntary participation of the employees and the citizens into social actions with the purpose of promoting Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility.

10. Social Cohesion increase 

Development of practices and actions that contribute in securing social cohesion, fighting against discrimination, promoting equal treatment of both sexes and vulnerable groups (eradication of discrimination and racism, promoting equal opportunities and treatment, gender equality-protection of women, actions for eradicating poverty and for people with disabilities and unemployed as well as for problematic families (one-parent families, families facing domestic violence, children with disabilities etc.).

11. Human Rights 

Practices and initiatives that protect human rights in open and close systems and eradicate any form of infringement of rights with the appropriate actions at national and local level.

12. Actions for immigrants/refugees/asylum seekers 

Initiatives, actions and programs of the Organization aiming at protecting the rights of the immigrants and meeting their social needs (for example actions for smooth integration of the immigrants into the society, creation of centers for support of the foreigners, educational programs for immigrants, actions against discriminations, for promoting equal opportunities and treatment of immigrants, initiatives for immigrants’ healthcare and actions for refugees-asylum seekers).