The development of dialogue of the BRAVO Initiative, as well as the evaluation process for Sustainable Development initiatives participating therein are based upon an approved and recognized methodology, as well as a series of scientific criteria, which have been developed by the Scientific Committee of the Initiative and are recognized by National and European Associations.
The Committee shall consist of representatives of Businesses, Professional/Institutional associations, as well as Organisations of Civil Society and Local Government, with training, know-how and experience in tools for developing and adopting policies, Sustainable Development strategies, as well as Social Responsibility programs.  
The Committee shall be responsible for establishing the plan with the description of the Initiative’s methodology, as well as through the dialogue process among the Social Partners.
The members of the Scientific Committee shall not be involved in any stage of the evaluation process, directly or indirectly, thus ensuring the impartial nature of the entire process of the Initiative.
The members of the Scientific Committee shall participate voluntarily, and without profit, in the entire process.
The Scientific Committee shall also recommend individuals for staffing of the Social Partner groups. The BoD of the QualityNet Foundation shall be responsible for the final composition of the various evaluation committees.
The Board of Directors of the QualityNet Foundation shall supervise the BRAVO Sustainability Dialogue, in order to ensure that the criteria, the methodology, and the work of the Organisation’s executives, as well as that of all Committees and Groups, is consistent with the general philosophy pertaining to the promotion of dialogue adhered to by the participants.
General compliance with the procedures of the BRAVO Initiative shall be ensured through the auditing firm KPMG.

What we do

We shape the agenda of Sustainable Development in Greece
We work closely with all involving parties, BUSINESSES, LOCAL AUTHORITIES, CIVIL SOCIETY
We develop an extended dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders
We contribute to the further development of CSR & Sustainability programs and Activities
We promote the best programs and actions that contribute to the Sustainable FUTURE OF GREECE
We contribute to the creation of a sustainability culture in our country