Bravo Sustainability Awards aim to highlight and reward the best practices recorded by the participating Organizations at the online Dialogue for Sustainable Development in the context of the Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative.  These practices contribute to the promotion of Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility, the advancement of responsible behavior standards and the improvement of the quality of life within the Greek society.

The process of promoting good practices is based upon the values supported by QualityNet Foundation in terms of fostering stakeholder dialogue and engagement. The link of this year’s Awards with the Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative was realized with the view to provide a further incentive for the promotion of those practices submitted to the Awards Scheme by organizations and companies that take part in the Initiative as well as to raise awareness amongst social partners and stakeholders and to educate them with regards to these practices.

Since its first launch, five years ago, the Bravo Initiative had the goal to promote a systematic dialogue with a wide range of social partners and stakeholders in Greece regarding issues of sustainable development and Social responsibility. This year, the scope of the Awards broadens operating as a training mechanism for the entire market, encouraging the participation of companies of every size as well as the participation of stakeholders and experts from abroad as evaluators.  

The goals of Bravo Sustainability Awards are the following:
  • To highlight and reward the best practices implemented by the Greek Institutions and Organizations which are linked to broader national goals and promote actively Sustainable Development with measurable results.
  • To promote those practices which constitute a model for innovation, growth and competitiveness and which can be reproduced and used in broader applications.
  • To support the cooperation between the private and public sector in order to develop activities regarding the improvement of quality of life and the promotion of Sustainable Development.
  • To raise awareness and mobilize the broader Greek society with regards to Sustainable Development issues.
  • To enhance and promote networking and dialogue process on Sustainable Development.

Bravo Sustainability Awards is divided into three parts:
  • The first part refers to the practices of Εnterprises.
  • The second part refers to practices of Local Authorities
  • the third part refers to NGO’s.  

KPMG is responsible for the compliance with all the procedures of the Initiative.