Bravo 2016

Bravo Sustainability Dialogue aim to highlight and reward the best practices recorded by the participating Organizations at the online Dialogue for Sustainable Development in the context of the Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative.

This year, 150 Greek organizations participate in the Initiative with the submission of 280 programs, while 200 selected stakeholders take part in the evaluation of these programs through a dialogue process together with more than 10.000 citizens through Internet voting.

The way that the Dialogue is developed through the Bravo, make it a valid and reputable Initiative in Sustainable Development issues with acceptance at national, european and international levels. It is distinguished by: expanded character, validity, national and international character, transparency, independence and development.

The dialogue that is being developed at Bravo is multilevel. It aims to give information and participation in the dialogue while at the same time seeking to involve more widely the social partners in the formulation of their proposals for the better development of the initiatives that have developed in our country.

ALL TOGETHER we create the GREECE OF TOMORROW. Businesses - Local Authority - Civil Society.

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